Book Review of The Wild One

The Wild One
The Wild One
Author: Marianne Harvey
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Tempetuous as the storm-tossed seas.
Raised by her stern grandmother on teh savage Cornish coast, she blossomed into a rare beauty. Though warned against the careless lusts of men, Judith boldly abandoned herself to one man, sought tender solace in the arms of another.
Proud as the towering cliffs of cornwall.
Twice abandoned, twice betrayed, forced into a lovelss marriage, Judith would survive hardship, humiliationviolence, and tragic loss. Laughing, lusty Matt Thomas, the gray-eyed sea captain, haunted her past. Cold, arrogant Venn Ettyn, master of Thornecarne, shadowed her future. But only one man could tame her..could match her fiery spirit...could fulfill the passionate promise of rapturous, timeless love.