Book Review of Silent Night

Silent Night
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-I read this the morning after Christmas. It was an enjoyable quick read. I am usually not a fan of Mary Higgens Clark but this one kept my attention. It's the story of a family who is in NY for Christmas. The father has leukemia and is having an operation to remove his spleen. The mother and two boys, Brian and Michael, are spending some time looking at the Christmas decorations in the city. Taking a break from the tention, they are watching a fiddler play Christmas carols. When the younger boy, Brian sees a young girl pick up his mom's wallet that has fallen out of her purse, he follows the girl because the wallet contains a special metal he wants to give to his father for Christmas. He doesn't realize he is beginning a dangerous journey that will eventually take him hundreds of miles away from safety with an escaped convict. If you are looking for a quick, suspensful, heartwarming story, this is a good one to try!