Book Review of Even Now (Even Now, Bk 1)

Even Now (Even Now, Bk 1)

Shane and Lauren are childhood friends who become lovers when they are teenagers. Lauren becomes pregnant a year before high school graduation. Feeling their children are too young to get married, the parents take desperate measures to discourage contact and Shane's family moves from one coast of the U.S. to the other and dishonestly keep the two lovers from contacting each other by phone. Even before the baby is born, the soon-to-be grandparents' friendship is tested and broken off.

Because of a cruel twist of fate, Lauren believes her infant daughter has died. For decades she does not contact her parents, and she has no idea her parents are raising their granddaughter, Emily. When Emily is in college she discovers that her mother is an international journalist and that her father is a fighter pilot instructor.

Neither Shane nor Lauren have gotten married, and to find out if their love for each other is re-kindled, the sequel to Even Now is "Ever After".

"Even Now" is excellent Christian fiction about love, loss, faith and forgiveness.