Book Review of Adoring Isadora

Adoring Isadora
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Miss Isadora Alvescot and her family have lived comfortably at Pusay, but her father's recent death means that Pusay will go to the heir, Viscount Roborough, and they must leave. Isadora believes she can support her family by becoming an actress on the London stage, and though she's good (as Roborough acknowledges when he first sees her rehearsing Juliet's death scene in the gazebo), she hasn't a clue what being a London actress really entails. Roborough must sell Pusay because his father was a gambling addict and left massive debts of honor. Both he and Isadora are rather hotheaded and misunderstandings arise due to lack of communication.

A bit old-fashioned in tone (and there's nothing wrong with that) but well written by an author who gets the details right. No sex, for those who care about that.