Book Review of Return to Me

Return to Me
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I love Shannon McKenna's stuff as a pretty hard and fast rule and this book was no exception. Simon actually did have a great reason for leaving town seventeen years ago which is nice and the romance between them is both sexy and believable. McKenna does flawed but still amazingly lovable characters that manage to clearly demonstrate their growth in a relationship better than most authors. She very deftly describes how the relationship between Simon and Ellen causes both to change and grow as people without knocking you over the head with it.

In addition, there's a wonderful side romance between Ellen's fiancee Brad and her best friend (the town "slut" Cora) that makes for some awesome scenes. There's a scene at the end where Cora tells him to take his self-righteousness and shove it basically that manages to be compelling, funny, empowering, and not the least bit corny. McKenna has a heck of a talent.