Book Review of Altered Style: Sewing & Embellishing Wearable Fashions

Altered Style: Sewing & Embellishing Wearable Fashions
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I had to check the year of this book, because I thought I had mistakenly ordered a book from the 1970s or so...
ok, that's a little extreme,but this book is a JOKE! Who is their right mind would actually wear or use these items?
let's take a basic concept, changing two pieces of clothing into one, and expand on it, and try to fill a book. Add the most tacky items you can find in the bottom of your craft basket, hire a photographer who can get models to give their worst expressions, slap it into a book, and try to sell it- Repurpose! Recycle! Reuse!
I'm so thankful for PBS, so that I didn't have to spend much time or cash on this book.
Slapdash instructions with horrible photos- this book may have to make a direct trip into the paper gator recycle box...
I did give it two stars- there are a 'few' basic things that I did pick up from this book.