Book Review of Survivor

Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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The Creedish Church has some strict rules: only the first-born sons are allowed to marry and have children (as many as possible). All later-born children will be taught marketable skills and sent out into the world as maids, handymen etc. to earn money for the church. Oh, and if the church elders decide it is "deliverance" time, then all members have to commit suicide, whether they are inside or outside the church compound.

When an FBI investigation threatens the church, all members on the compound grounds commit suicide together and, one by one, the outside members follow suit. Except Tender Branson. He has second thoughts, and thinks that maybe some of the outside members are receiving a little help fulfilling their moral duty. Soon he is the only one left, and is being pursued by the "helper". Of course, the media has followed the story and made Tender into a TV Prophet. To keep up appearances, he now has to obey another strict set of rules. In the end he is the only passenger on a plane destined to crash into the Australian outback.

I enjoyed the book, not as much as "Haunted", but like all of Palahniuk's books I've read - they certainly have the effect of an eye-opener and make you think twice: this one about pharmaceutical companies, media-craziness, TV prophet tactics, and being a slavish follower.