Book Review of Midnight Marriage (Harlequin Historical , No 784)

Midnight Marriage (Harlequin Historical , No 784)
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Victoria bylin is by far the best romance Author in my opinion!
In the future, Rafe LaCroix wants his wounded partner to ride a horse effortlessly, to bed a woman without shame, to stand proudly - unassisted. To achieve that enchantment, he needs help and Dr. Susanna Leaf is the only person who can give it to him. As a man on the run, Rafe LaCroix knows desperation and right now, his partner - his friend - is suffering. Rafe LaCroix may be a decent man, but the game of life has forced him to be hard and ruthless and Dr. Susanna Leaf had better grasp his meaning.

Susanna Leaf is a doctor first and a woman second, but lately the lonely nights are growing long and Susanna finds herself wondering about a man's gentle touch. As a lead character, Dr. Susanna Leaf is appropriate and likable. Victoria Bylin writes her heroine as neither reckless nor overly gutsy; instead, she allows her reader to see a lonely woman. A woman who wants to be kissed and held; a woman who wants to sleep with a husband - like spoons in a drawer.