Book Review of The Lightkeeper

The Lightkeeper
The Lightkeeper
Author: Susan Wiggs
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Unfortunately, I recently read Mary Burtons THE LIGHTKEEPERS WOMAN and these two books are amazingly alike. Since the lighthouse keeper isnt going anywhere, the story has to come to him.

Jesse Morgan has been hiding from life for the past 12 years. He, one of the beautiful people of Portland, had a wonderful wife, who had just announced that they were going to have a child. They were lost at a dangerous water crossing because the lightkeeper was involved in a poker game and forgot his job.

Now Jesse is a lightkeeper in a remote area in the Pacific Northwest. He keeps to himself and broods over his loss. One day, he rescues a woman from the dangerous waters. When he realizes she is pregnant, he is twice as upset. None of Jesses helpers will take this lost woman from him; he is told that the woman is his destiny.

He rants and rages against this tiny woman who has yet to waken. When she does, Mary Dare increases his emotional turmoil. She is a real Pollyanna; she sees the bright side of everything. The comparison between Jesses black grief and Marys supreme cheerfulness began to grate after awhile.

This is a really well-written book; its just that the topic has already been covered. In the later chapters, I did a few eye rolls over some of the dialog and/or scenes. Of course, the villain was as black as sin with no redeeming qualities.