Book Review of More Than Words

More Than Words
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Five of Harlequin's most popular authors celebrate the accomplishments of women through stories inspired by the first winners of the More Than Words program, with proceeds going to causes of the recipients' choice.

In Palmer's "The Greatest Gift," a homeless woman and her children collect food for other people in need despite their own predicament.

Carla Neggers' "Close Call" tells of a cop and a female prosecutor who find love and commitment in an inn owned by a formerly abused wife.

"Hanging by a Thread" by Emilie Richards is a story about a troubled teen who goes to live with a childless couple.

Brenda Novak's "Small Packages" has a heroine who, after losing her unborn child during a particularly brutal attack by her former husband, offers to adopt the baby of a man who thinks he doesn't want it.

In Susan Mallery's "Built to Last," a grieving widower hides himself from the world by spending all his time creating beautiful furniture.