Book Review of The Jigsaw Woman

The Jigsaw Woman
The Jigsaw Woman
Author: Kim Antieau
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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From the back of the book: Steeped in mythology yet told with a fresh modern voice, this brilliant tale of one woman's self-discovery has thrilled lovers of folklore, myth, and fantasy. Keelie is created, from the bodies of three different women, to be a plaything for her doctor. Not satisfied with the life giveen to her, she sets out to find one of her own , embarking upon an amazing quest that will bring her closer to her heritage.
Guided by the tempestuous goddess Eriskegal, Keelie uncovers pain and healing, love and anger, acceptance and, above all, the primprdial truths that lie buried deep within the Earth. From ancient battles and violent with-hunts to Amazonian paradise and Sumeerian hell, she spirals through epic distortiiions of history and magic. And she finds that her very salvation may depend not on the promis of the future---but on the lessons leared in the past...