Book Review of Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer
Author: Margaret Rostkowski
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Soon moonlight washed over everything. The houses and rocks around us and the cliff above sprang into detail in the bone white light. I hugged my knees and watched, leaning against Max, and without making a big deal about it, he put his arm around me.

Then he stood up and pulled me up, too, then climbed down from the rock, signaling for me to follow. Once on the ground, he put both arms around my waist and waited until I reached up to put my arms on his shoulders. Then we began to dance, there in the moonlight, there with each other.

We didn't say another word, just danced, held hands, and finally, slowly, carefully, kissed...then kissed again. I felt shot with silver, from the moon, from the dance, from Max.