Book Review of Unwind (Unwind, Bk 1)

Unwind (Unwind, Bk 1)
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This dystology is fascinating and a great read. Heavy material to write about and extremely thought provoking. I selected the book for my book club and six years later, this book still comes up in conversation; not only was it liked by everyone (first shocker), but the subject matter still invokes some rich conversation (yes, a book we continue to talk about years later).

The first book can easily be read on it's own. I did not read the second book until several years later and then I was hooked.

It is not often that you read a fiction book that really makes you think of your personal ethics and politics, but in a way that is not judgmental, but just for your own thoughts and perspective.

I highly recommend the book, the whole series, if you like the first book!