Book Review of Knit Two (Friday Night Knitting Club, Bk 2)

Knit Two (Friday Night Knitting Club, Bk 2)
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After reading this book it makes me wonder if I should waste my time with the 3rd book. It sort of dragged on and on. It fast forwards to 5 years after the death of Dakota's mother Georgia. In the begining she seems too much of a spolied brat with an annoying way of carrying herself around the adults. Not to mention the fact that they carried over the annoyance of the she's half black and half white and no one will understand attitutde. If the book were written for a different era when that would matter it wouldn't have been as annoying but to be written in present day, let it go already!

The father seems a bit over bearing for someone not in her life for the first 12 years. Too much of a control freak in what he expects her to become once she's graduated college. There are parents that can be that way to a fault but to not allow her to become a pastry chef because he sees that as lowering herself to serve the "white" world is ridiculous, again too much attention is brought on that subject. There could have been another way of having him tag along to Europe with his daughter that would be babysitting for their friend KC while she did some filming of a rock star. But again they play the race card. They could have just left it at he didn't want her going alone and he could do some work out there while she did her baby sitting gig, but sadly the writer chose not to go that route.

Darwin was somewhat less annoying, and seemed actually helpful in some small ways. However, I really could have done without the mini stories of the happenings with the shop since the majority of the main characters were in Europe. The writer kind of wasted paper and ink with most of those parts.

Catherine, was actually more annoying in this book than the last. She's too needy and a bit of a tramp. To make the excuse of we're both adults, there's two bedrooms, and we should both stay in Anita's home with her married son Nathan was just down right wrong, especailly since this Anita is supposed to bebsomeone that is her friend. To sleep with her son in Anita's room or house for that matter was just down right gross. It was actually quite funny to find out that Nathan told his mother Anita that he slept with her because she kept coming around the apartment when she did not initially make the first move. And to make himself seem as though he was just minding his own buisness and made himself appear to be innocent, was just too funny.

Somehow I can see Catherine is either going to try and hook up with James or just have him as another sexual romp until the writer is bored and one of them ends up dumping the other for some stupid reason or the writer will tease the idea of them getting together just for it to fall apart and nothing ends up happening. Maybe Marco the wine guy that Catherine has telephone flirtations with will come back into the picture and create more drama. Well we shall see. Hopefully the 3rd book is her last.