Book Review of So That's What They're For: Breastfeeding Basics

So That's What They're For: Breastfeeding Basics
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I LOVE this book. It is well written and full of informative information. I am due to have my 2nd child and hoped to breastfeed. I was not successfully with the first one only because I was a new mom and was not very well educated on breastfeeding. I thought "how hard can it be?" But when he wouldn't latch on and I thought he was starving I immediately put a bottle in his mouth and said forget it. I wish I had more information or knew where to get help for breastfeeding; I also wish I had known everything my son was missing out on by not breastfeeding. The amount of nutrients and all the immunities your child will get is priceless. Breast milk could never be duplicated in any kind of formula (not even close!!)
I recommend reading this book whether or not you are going to breastfeed.