Book Review of King of Spades (Wonderland, Bk 2)

King of Spades (Wonderland, Bk 2)
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Helpful Score: 3

I liked this book *much* better than book one in the series (Queen of Hearts). The king (brother to the "hero" in book one) falls for the heroine (sister to the one in book 1) and her feistiness right from the start and decides that he doesn't want to break her - that he likes some of that fire. Thank you! He compromises for her sake and doesn't insist on the complete and total submission seen in book 1. He was still the dominant alpha male (and had his arrogant moments for sure) but for the most part, he dealt with his often challenging heroine with humor and understanding. It was a good battle of wills and a good match-up of two strong-willed characters. I really enjoyed this book.