Book Review of All Creatures Dark and Dangerous : The Dr. David Westbrook Stories

All Creatures Dark and Dangerous : The Dr. David Westbrook Stories
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Allyn writes well and each of the stories in this compilation is interesting. They all involve Dave Westbrook, and like many of these short story books it's sometimes a stretch to believe one person gets involved with so many deaths and mysteries (especially living in a small town in Michigan). They were originally published years apart, so readers didn't see that implausibility as easily.

Franken Kat - Veterinarian David Westbrook has simple tastes, despite being married to a wealthy, slightly older woman. When a man who grew up in Algoma is hired as their handyman, things become unsettled. ****

Roadkill - finding an injured dog on the side of the road David treats it and becomes involved with the owner, a reclusive man with little means. ****

Animal Rites - Murder follows a confrontation after a panel talking about Hunters Rights vs. Animal Rights. ***

Puppyland - A terminally ill woman saves a puppy born with a defect, but it may have been the cause of her death. *****

Beaches of Paraguay - An old college friend of David's seems to have changed after a personal tragedy and David tries to find out why. ***

Cedar Savage - A man found hanging in the branches of a tree leads David into a situation where he witholds information from the police and gets him into even deeper trouble. ***

Crippen, Landru, and Carlos Palomino - Dogs of a shady muckraker who are boarded with Dave more than they are at home find themselves in need of permanent boarding as Dave looks into why. ****