Book Review of Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, Bk 1)

Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, Bk 1)
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This book got a lot of hype when it was first released. I purchased it soon after, because the cover art is AMAZING, but it has been sitting on my book shelf since then. I finally picked it up when I received an Advance Reading Copy of Crescendo (Hush, Hush), the sequel to hush, hush, which will be released October 19, 2010.

The book started off good, I liked how the characters were described, the story line and mystery of it was interesting and the writing was good. Then, it started to get lame. The main character is annoying, and stupid. At points she is pretty much verbally and physically attacked. She is freaked out and scared, then all of a sudden she thinks it is a good idea to get on the back of the motorcycle with someone she was terrified of. It had a repetitiveness to it of Nora liking Patch, being afraid of Patch. Liking Elliot, being afraid of Elliot. It was a tad annoying. The characters personalities changed drastically in the middle and then again at the end of the book, which is hard to follow when you liked them at the beginning. Vee, Nora's best friend, is just plain annoying. She is stupid and does stupid things. When the book finally started getting good again, right near the end, the author really rushed into explaining everything. The "truth" came out in a huge whoosh of words that was a tad overwhelming.

Overall, the book really wasn't that good. I am reading the second one now, so we will see how it goes. 2 out of 5 stars.