Book Review of The Renegade

The Renegade
The Renegade
Author: Ray Hogan
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Please note: The system lists the author of this book (and the ISBN matches exactly)as "Ray Hogan", but the book itself says "Cliff Farrell" is the author.

From the back cover: Indian Lover...Coward...Renegade
That's what Army Colonel Roscoe Cool had called Mike McVey shortly after he'd resigned his commission in the service. But McVey knew better and was glad to be out of the Army, free of Cool's bitter hatred and ready to lead his own kind of life.

Yet just when a cache of gold promised him new freedom and fortune, McVey again found himself smack in the middle of Army affairs, as the Plains Indians prepared the biggest uprising the white soldiers had ever seen.

Maybe it wasn't Mike's problem. But he had to aid his friend, a black man in dire trouble, and try to rescue the kidnapped young Army bride-to-be. And unless he helped the man who hated him most, Cool's entrie command was destined for certain and bloody slaughter.

The Renegade - A powerful novel of the West by one of Signet Brand's best-selling authors.

About the author: Cliff Farrell has published over 600 stories in top magazines and has been editor on several California newspapers, including the Lost Angeles Examiner. He now divides his time between travel and writing. His many novels include "Cross-Fire", "Return of the Long Riders", "Ride the Wild Trail", "Comanch'", "Shootout at Sioux Wells", "Patchsaddle Drive", and others in Signet Brand editions.