Book Review of Secrets, Vol 10

Secrets, Vol 10
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I thought that "Private Eyes" was not a very good story. Another down point was that it ended quite abruptly. The sex was so-so because I felt like the author was trying to hard by over-doing it.

"The Ruination of Lady Jane" was just too predictable for me, which ruined any excitement I should have gotten from the story. I also found the use of Indian words for body parts to be distracting for a story set in England even if the author may have been conveying something of the man's past.

I couldn't finish "Private Eyes". I'm not a fan of stories that capitalize on terrorist themes supposing to be sexy. It seems to really take away from a very serious problem.

"The Sacrifice" was my favorite of the group. It was a unique story that was well-done and quite sensual.