Book Review of With This Ring (Worthingtons, Bk 3)

With This Ring (Worthingtons, Bk 3)
With This Ring (Worthingtons, Bk 3)
Author: Celeste Bradley
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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"With This Ring by Celeste Bradley 2014
(Wicked Worthington's Series)
The Worthington's stories are all fun to read and Elektra, the middle daughter's story is no exception. Electra got it in her head that it was up to her to save the Worthington name and Worthington manor. How? By Marrying a very, very rich Duke or Earl. One whose reputation is without scandal.
She was asked by her parents to go and meet up with a second cousin, Beth, who they felt needed to share Elektra's season. Elektra had saved and saved for this season and did not want to share it with this unknown cousin but went to meet her at a designated Inn as her parent's request (guilt trip)
But what did she find at the Inn but a Lord, and Earl! The next day she saw his coach leave and decided she would save herself the trouble of a season by kidnapping him, getting herself compromised by him and marrying him. How hard would that be?
But the man she kidnapped told her she had made a very big mistake....he informed her he was not Lord Aaron Arbogast, heir to an earldom but the lowly Mr. Henry Hastings.
What she doesn't know is that he really is Lord Aaron Arbogst. Thus the fun begins. Happy Reading!