Book Review of L. A. Candy (L. A. Candy, Bk 1)

L. A. Candy (L. A. Candy, Bk 1)
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It's times like this that I really hate how popular book series have become. Why does no one just want to write a story anymore - one with a beginning, a middle, and an end? Why do even new authors have to come out with a series of books that promise absolutely no finality to a story?

This book, were I reading it at a library or a coffee shop, would have taken me no more than 2 hours to read. AND THERE WAS NOT AN ENDING. Because it's a series. But it absolutely did not have to be. The next two or three or however many of this trash there is could have been put together so the reader doesn't turn the page expecting the next chapter and seeing the "Acknowledgements" page. It's not the first time it's happened to me, but it is just as crappy.

It's not even a great story, I just like things to be wrapped up when I finish. The only joy I got out of this book was trying to figure out which character corresponded to which person in Conrad's real life. I probably could have read the wiki entry for that.