Book Review of The Magic Cottage

The Magic Cottage
The Magic Cottage
Author: James Herbert
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Gramarye. It's like a fairy tale - a lovely rustic bungalow at the edge of a forest. Thoroughly charming. A red tile roof and ramshackle wihite picket fence. For Mike and Midge, Gramarye is a dream house. Idyllic, even enchanted.
Then everything changes: eerie incidents, inexplicable attacks, ghostly vistations, are set in motion. Mike senses the prescence of an awesome power - a black magic in all its hellish guises. Walls appear to be moving closer and closer, as if to grasp Mike in the cold grip of death, while unstoppable slithering evil prepares to reclaim the cottage in the name of all that is twisted, unearthly, and foul. And an ideal storybook cottage becomes the place where horror dwells and the blood runs cold...