Book Review of Missy's Proposition (Silhouette Romance, No 864)

Missy's Proposition (Silhouette Romance, No 864)
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Rugged Derek Vincetti was a man with a mission: to bring Missy Davenport home. He swore this was the last time. Never again would he keep tabs on Missy for her wealthy father. Surely by now, she was old enough to know better.
Melissa had grown up, only nobody seemed to realize it. True, lying to her family hadn't been right, but she'd been determined to become the teacher she'd always dreamed of being. Now she had her chance, and nothing and no one could stop her, not even Derek...the man she'd secretly loved for years.
The Missy Derek found was longer a child . This proud woman wasn't about to come meekly and Derek couldn't force her. However, they just might be able to work out a compromise...