Book Review of Probable Cause

Probable Cause
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When profits at the firm of Mays & Burton reach an all-time low, ex-public defender Gideon Page is fired like a shot--but not before he steals a case with all the makings of a media nightmare. Dr. Andrew Chapman, a black psychologist, is charged with manslaughter when a sverely retarded girl dies in his care during a risky--and some say barbaric-electro-shock procedure.

Yet the case is far from cut and dried. Gedeon discovers that Chapman and the victim's much too perfectly poised mother were having a secret affair. As the press prepares to splash scandal across the headlines, Gideon must unravel the many twisted threads of truth, battle a county steeped in racial strife, and lock horns with a tough, ambitious female prosecutor in a courtroom set to explode...