Book Review of Death and Relaxation (Ordinary Magic, Bk 1)

Death and Relaxation (Ordinary Magic, Bk 1)
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Previous to reading this book I had read Monk's Allie Besckstrom series (liked it), House Immortal series (loved it), Broken Magic series (loved it), and Age of Steam series (it was okay). This is the first book in her Ordinary Magic series and I absolutely loved it. This book was just so much fun to read.

Delaney Reed is police chief in the town of Ordinary, a town where Gods relinquish their powers to become mortals and take a vacation. Ordinary also has normal folks and a bunch of tourists who come out for the Rhubarb Festival. When people/gods start dying and rhubarb gets blown up, Delaney knows she's going to have her hands full. Then Death shows up wanting to take a vacation and things get even weirder.

I loved the idea of this town and the mystery behind the murders. The characters in here were amazing and I loved the witty banter. This book was an excellent balance of world-building, mythology, mystery, magic, and romance.

Delaney and her sisters are intriguing characters that really pull you in. Ordinary itself is absolutely fascinating. The writing was easy to read and the whole package was highly entertaining and amusing.

Overall I really really loved this book and have already purchased the 2nd book in the series. I would highly recommend this series to fans of creative investigative urban fantasy.