Book Review of A Reason to Live (Forrester Brothers, Bk 1)

A Reason to Live (Forrester Brothers, Bk 1)
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During the Civil War, Confederate nurse Laurel Covey nursed and comforted the injured and dying. She kept a journal of the soldiers names and last words as they died, promising to deliver these messages after the war. Creede Forester has traveled from Texas to Virginia to find word of his 16-year-old son. When he stumbles across Laurel during her journey, it pains her to tell of his son's death, knowing that he blames himself for driving his son away. Since Laurel is delivering her sad news to families all through the south, Creede decides to accompany her on her journey.

This was a very unique story. Laurel is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after seeing the results of the war in the form of dead and suffering soldiers. She believes that she should have been able to save more of the injured soldiers. Creede is trying to come to grips with his wife's and son's deaths. Together they are both hurting in different ways, but drawn to each other as well. My rating: 4.5 Stars.