Book Review of Fault Line (Ben Treven, Bk 1)

Fault Line (Ben Treven, Bk 1)
reviewed Chance in cast, change in scenery, but not a change in the thrill level on + 50 more book reviews
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Barry Eisler's latest novel departs from the John Rain series to two estranged brothers in the west coast, as different as they can be: one (Ben) a soldier running black ops, and the other (Alex) a lawyer in a well-heeled law firm doing patent and software work. But when Alex's client and the patent examiner reviewing his new software are murdered, and Alex looks to be next, he calls his big brother for help. Adding to the mix is Alex's Iranian co-worker, whom Alex has a crush on and Ben does not trust.

Although I missed the exciting locales of the "Rain" series, I enjoyed the writing and storyline in this book as much as the other series.