Book Review of Accidents Happen: A Novel

Accidents Happen: A Novel
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Under a dark cloud .... jinxed ..... cursed ..... unlucky. We have all heard these expressions, may have even experienced one or two along the way.

Kate Parker has been living .. or afraid of living ... for many years. Her parents died in a car accident on the day of her wedding. A few years later, her husband was murdered by a home invasion gang. Her house has been broken into ... twice. She feels like she's losing her mind and what's worse, she's making a nervous wreck of her young son.

There is so much to this story. The author does a great job presenting the psychological aspects. Kate meets a man who helps her get past her fears, but for someone so afraid of absolutely everything, it was hard to imagine that she would trust a stranger as much as she does.

Jago is a mystery himself. Is this meeting an accident ... coincidence ..... or is there something more sinister at work? Again, the author created a character that came to life under her pen.

All the tension seemed to come very close to the end, and then it felt very rushed. The actual ending was somewhat of a letdown.

This was an okay read to me ... I did want to keep reading to see what happened next .. I knew something was coming ... just not what.

3.5 stars

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