Book Review of How I Stole Her Husband

How I Stole Her Husband
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Helpful Score: 7

A cute story about a woman trying to seek revenge (even though she would never call it that) on the woman that stole the love of her life out from under her in high school and how does she go about it? By becoming their nanny 10 years later!!

This was my first Liz Ireland book and I really love the way that she writes. If you enjoy chick lit then this is a sure bet for you! The only things that I didn't REALLY LOVE about this book were the title because it gives away a lot and the ending because I felt it was like an alternative ending on a DVD, like Ireland was trying to hard not to be predictable... I guess that I just wanted something else to happen that didn't, but none the less it was a GREAT BOOK!! A very fast read.