Book Review of Ingratitude

Author: Ying Chen
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

This is a strange book, but I found it compelling.

Someone asked me what it was about and I answered that it was about a young woman who killed herself and shared her thouhts before and after she died, which is true.

But after I finished this book I realized that there was much more to it. I think it's about a child who never felt loved, who yearned to be herself, but had the strong impression that was not acceptable and there was no way to make it so. She longed for her parents' love and acceptance. She was profoundly lonely. She chose death to escape an existence that she found unbearable.

Ingratitude is dark, heavy, chilling - and it will haunt you if you stay until the end.

To say that this book is not for everyone is a gross understatement, but I'm pleased that I found it and read it.