Book Review of Barchester Towers (Barsetshire, Bk 2)

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This is one of my favorite books of all time - and it started me reading now almost two dozen of Anthony Trollope's books - most of which are superbly written and possess more insightful glimpses into the human mind than any contemporary fiction I've read - and Trollope was pre-Freud.

I read this book after watching the Barchester Chronicles - probably my favorite mini-series of all time. I was not expecting much -- after all it was about the conflicts happening within the Anglican church, a subject that did not interest me at all. But what Barchester Towers is all about is character, heart and humor.

In Barchester Towers, the characters come alive - and some are laugh-aloud funny and very memorable. But you may have an even more satisfying read if you do as I did - watch the miniseries first, which is called Barchester Chronicles and which combines the first two Barchester books, The Warden - which is 2 episodes - and Barchester Towers which is 4 or 5 episodes. The Warden is also very well done, and a reader may get even more out of reading Barchester Towers if he/she reads The Warden first.

Onr way or another, you must see the film - you will forever carry with you memories of the lovable Mr. Harding, the horrific Mrs. Proudie and Mr. Slope (probably the best comic characters ever written and SUPERBLY acted) the bumbling Mr. Proudie, the volcanic Archdeacon Grantly and the incomparably original Madeline Neroni. Both the film and the book are brilliant are a not-to-be missed experience you will not ever forget.

(And by the way, you must also read The Last Chronicle of Barsetshire - in which, although a minor plot, you can totally savor watching Mrs. Proudie getting what she deserves!)