Book Review of A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstrikers) (Volume 4)

A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstrikers) (Volume 4)
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This is the fourth book in the Heartstrikers series. The fifth book, Last Dragon Standing, just released and completes the series. I absolutely loved this continuation of the Heartstriker series. So many amazing things happen in this book; it is completely unpredictable and incredibly creative.

I listened to this on audiobook and these audiobooks are incredible. Adam does an amazing job with narration and sounds exactly like I picture the characters sounding. I think part of the reason I love this series so much is because of how amazing the narration of the audiobooks is.

Julius is struggling to hold Heartstriker clan together in the face of Algonquin's wrath. When the Golden Emperor shows up things get infinitely more complicated. Meanwhile Marcy has died and is stuck in her Death, but she continues to work towards becoming the first Merlin. The story jumps back and forth between Julius and Marcy.

I pretty much just adored everything about this book. I love the complex world, the engaging characters, the action, the intrigue, and the hard-to-predict plot. This series is so creative and so well done. This is definitely one of my top urban fantasy series right now.

Overall I just love this series soooo much!! I plan on reading the fifth and final book in it shortly. I would recommend this whole series to urban fantasy fans who enjoy amazing world-building, action, and a complex plot.