Book Review of Lord Langcliffe's Lady (Zebra Regency Romance)

Lord Langcliffe's Lady (Zebra Regency Romance)
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Cambria Thorne was at sixes and sevens. Her latest suitor, the village vicar, had mysteriously left for a posting in India. And Cambria had to be married soon or forfeit the Thorne estates to the hated Langcliffes. The families' feud began centuries befoe when the first Thorne woman was seduced by a Langcliffe lord. Worse, an indefinable attraction had made history repeat itself, again and again - a fate Cambria vowed would never be hers.

Obtaining the Thorne land was Lord Riordan Langcliffe's - the ton's most heartless businessman - fondest wish. He schemed, he plotted, and then he met Cambria. With one look, he was lost; with one sigh, he was desparate; with one flash of insight, he decided to drive away every suitor from her door...until he was the only match she would ever consider. In truth, Cambria thought him a dashing rogue, but knew if she didn't resist him she would lose everything - including her heart...

Review: I enjoyed this one very much.