Book Review of For One More Day

For One More Day
For One More Day
Author: Mitch Albom
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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This is my second book by the author that I have read. Mr. Albom has a wonderful writing style and easily draws you in. You do not realize it until you look and see just how many pages you have read.

This is a story about choices, the choices that even we as children make and how they can affect things far into our future. It is a rather sad tale of regrets. It is also about family, secrets and divorce.

The main character, Charley Benetto, has reached the end of his last hope in life. As he contemplates suicide, we learn of his childhood and his parents. Once his Dad left, Charley always held a resentment towards his mother, not knowing the reason they divorced.

He ends up back at his childhood home and things become very strange. He has been given a rare gift and it is up to Charley to make of it what he will.

In life, we all sometimes hold grudges but this tale helps one to understand that things are not what they always seem to be to us. Forgiveness and compassion are very important parts as well as unconditional love in everyone's heart and life. I like to think I came away a little bit better person for having read this beautiful story.