Book Review of Then Came Heaven

Then Came Heaven
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In this modern day, we rush. We move at a break neck pace in everything we do, even our relationships. We rush in where angels fear to tread and then back out at leisure and on to the next.

Welcome to Browerville. A slower pace; a town you might pass on the highway and wonder for a moment about the lives lived there. Not a more "innocent" time, a cliche one reviewer falls back on, as most do when referring to the mid 1900's. This story is earthy and practical. The characters heart-breakingly human and real, deserving of the time and care given to them.

What doesn't happen here, and what I think is unimaginable for some of the reviewers is that these two people actually do what is best for them but they wait until the right time to do so. They don't ride roughshod over other people to get what they want. They don't think only of themselves. Their journey is one of shared agony and love, both unspoken. How they come to finally verbalize what they know the other is feeling and how it develops into romance is a subtle refrain in this story I feel many have missed.

I found their inner and and outer struggles daunting. How they deal with their growing feelings for each other, their families, their community and their beliefs is nothing short of an everyday miracle reminding us of the strength and the power of true love.

A story not to be missed and definitely worthy as Spencer's last effort.