Book Review of Every Breath She Takes

Every Breath She Takes
Every Breath She Takes
Author: Suzanne Forster
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Imagine a scenario where a nosy report, a supreme court judge, a women's activist, a renegade cop and a gentle giant all play center stage. A vigilante is working in Southern CA to exterminate men accused of stalking/murdering women. The Femme Fatale is revered by the press and the public, but, of course, the police must stop him/her. If only they could figure out who it is. Can you? Me neither. What a wonderfully suspenseful and chaotic mess.

Carlie Bishop is the sister of a murder victim who was stalked and tortured. Carlie now heads a task force to help victims of stalkers and runs a support groups. Could she be seeking vengeance in her spare time? Maybe...maybe not.

Her mother, Frances Bishop, newly appointed supreme court justice, has an axe to grind with stalkers as well. She's unfairly brutal to suspected stalkers and rapists almost to the point of unethical. She put the cabash on her daughter's investigation not wanting it to ruin her chance at the supreme court. Could she have taken the law into her own hands to avenge Ginger? Maybe...maybe not.

Gabe Quinones, star reporter who reported the details of Ginger's investigation, is back and dogging Carlie and her clients for a new story. Just one day after he starts interviewing her support group, something tragic happens to one of the members. Coincidence? Maybe...maybe not.

Our gentle giant, Danny Upshaw is Carlie's assistant at Safe and Sound. For someone working with traumatized women, he's tongue-tied and overly shy. Suspect behavior? Maybe...maybe not.

And lastly, our detective, Rio Walker has been obsessed with Carlie for many years. He dated Ginger until her parents drove him away. Now he's focused on Carlie again. As a love interest, a suspect or a victim?

What an interesting plot and dilemma facing all the characters. Everyone suspects everyone else and the tension it causes even between friends is riveting. This one keeps you guessing until the last chapter. Wonderful!