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The Preacher
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First Line: The day was off to a promising start.

It's summer in Fjällbacka, Sweden. Erica Falck is close to the end of her pregnancy, and her partner, police detective Patrik Hedström, has taken some vacation time to be with her. Unfortunately, the body of a young German woman is found on the beach, and Patrik is called in to lead the investigation. Since the heat has turned Erica into one continuous mood swing, Patrik is ashamed to admit that he's looking forward to getting back to work.

When the bones of two young women are discovered buried beneath the German woman, speculation is high that the skeletons are of two young women who disappeared in the area in 1979. Patrik now has more work than ever before which means that Erica is left unwillingly on the sidelines to deal with freeloading relatives who like to show up uninvited on the doorstep of any family member who owns beachfront property away from the city.

For me, the weakness of this book was in its plot. The title of the book itself turned out to be a big clue, and the solution was clear to me early on-- including the answer to the DNA question that was stumping all of the police. Fortunately the plot was only a minor irritant to me because what I like so much about Läckberg's books isn't her plotting, but her marvelous cast of characters.

Although it was disappointing that Erica Falck took a backseat in this investigation, she was left in charge of the comic relief. Her reactions to some of the freeloaders showing up at her house made me laugh and cheer (and be extremely thankful for having family and friends who never just "show up" for free room and board).

Läckberg's cast of characters is a large one, and even though they're not all likable, they are all very well drawn. During the course of the investigation, I came to know about their lives and personalities, and I have definite favorites as well as a character or two whom I believe just has to go.

The Preacher may be the second book in this series, but it stands very well on its own. If you're a character-driven reader, as I am, and if you're willing to overlook a weak bit here and there in the plot, you're going to be amply rewarded with a wonderful cast of characters.