Book Review of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Once again Stephen Fry's narration was a delight! This book shows the continued plight of Harry under the tyrannical rule of his muggle relatives. It also shows the bond and camaraderie between specifically Harry and Ron, and also between the Gryffindor trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione. I love the Hermione is still a know-it-all, but less obnoxious about it. I love that Ron will always back Harry up and that he's so protective of his friends. I wish he had gotten a chance to punch Malfoy in the nose. It's refreshing to see them all still so innocent. Harry is blindly brave and so willing to sacrifice himself for his friends--for anyone really. This is all before he really notices how Dumbledore favors him (with good reason), but I feel later in the series Harry takes advantage of that.

I just love everything about the story; the mystery, the build-up, the friendship and bravery. In this book you begin to see that there are more forces than Voldemort working against Harry. I think I like the earlier books more because later, each book become darker and darker. Now, even though there is adventure around every corner, they still have innocence left. They still get to joke around and worry about stupid things. It's nice to see when you know what is to come.