Book Review of Hold Back the Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel)

Hold Back the Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel)
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I don't follow this series and haven't read her books for years, just got this from the library to try again

I found this to be just a NOTHING, you think it's going to be a creepy evil something or other but it's just about all the different people connected to this special unit of the FBI, it's mostly just talk about their 'abilities' or 'aura' or 'tools' or 'shields' but nothing of the main story goes anywhere fast, by 2/3 of the way into the book I just got fed up with the NOTHINGNESS of this book and really felt like I had wasted my time(which I did)

I'm not saying this isn't a good series if you like the paranormal stories but I don't and I found this one especially stupid