Book Review of Kushiel's Dart (Kushiel's Legacy, Bk 1)

Kushiel's Dart (Kushiel's Legacy, Bk 1)
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#1 Kushiel's Legacy fantasy series, and first novel for Carey. Quite an ambitious first book at over 900 pages, but it captivates you right from the beginning and seems to read much quicker. WOW! This fantasy series is loosely based on our world, probably in medieval times, with fairly easily identifiable parallel countries/cultures, and a similar religion to Christianityâyet totally different. LOL I know that makes no sense but it's hard to describe. The story is told by Phêdre, a Servant of Naamah (basically a well-trained whore whose service is seen as a religious offering) whose marque (an intricate tattoo done on the backs of these Servants) is bought by a powerful, mysterious man involved in many political intrigues. Phêdre is trained not only to please her patrons sexually, but as a keen observer who reports back to the head of her household. Intricately woven, well-written and totally amazing first novel.