Book Review of Demon Princess: Reign or Shine

Demon Princess: Reign or Shine
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Nikki Donovan just moved to a new school and saved the life of the most popular girl in that school. Talk about luck, she goes from a nobody in a new school to part of the popular crowd. I think this definitely counts as one of those girl's fantasies come true moment. She is asked to go to the dance with the hottest guy in school, the one that she has had a major crush on, but a weird guy is following her. She soon finds out that the weird guy is Michael, a shadow that has been sent to take her to the Shadowlands. He gets the lucky job of telling her that she is a demon and that her father is going to die. Then he tries to convince her to go meet her father. She thinks he is deranged and does all that she can to get away from him. I mean honestly, what would you do in that situation?

Of course, Nikki ends up going to the Shadowlands and learning about her father, her new found demon abilities (kick behind moves like Buffy, yay!), and the world that humans don't know about. Michael, the very hot shadow, helps her get over the hot guy from school (who is a jerk!), and becomes the love interest in the book. The "bad-guys" in the novel are somewhat unexpected and when the reader thinks someone is going to help our poor heroine, she often finds herself struggling alone. The growth of Nikki throughout the novel is interesting. As a reader, I was very intrigued with the progress of her character. She begins as a whiny little girl that needs Michael, or someone else, to save her, and grows to someone that figures out that she needs to do things on her own. How would a princess survive if she always needed someone else?

This was a quick read that was a lot of fun. It was fairly mindless with a good amount of action and a couple of laughs. I recommend it to people that enjoy a girly type book but also want something supernatural. It's already circulating my classroom as one of the top reads. The girls have been passing it amongst themselves for the past couple of weeks. I would have liked to have some type of message, but I believe the author is setting up the setting for the books to come. I look forward to the sequel due out in May of 2010.