Book Review of The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden
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I don't intend to go on and on about this book, but I must give it the proper credit. I literally fell into this book, it was not until about the middle that my attention wandered a bit. Also I did figure it out shortly after the middle but I forged on and I'm so glad that I did. The book was a bit long and I felt if I had to sit through one more "cuppa" I would scream...but sit I did. The story comes together so well in the end and even though you may figure it out its still worth it to make it to the finale. This writing is almost poetic. The characters are so well developed and you find those you love and those you hate. This is so far from my reading style, I'm a thriller reader but because of this book I think I will delve a little further out of my genre in the future. Actually this was a thriller/mystery but written in a softer tone. Loved the book and think that Morton is fast making a name for herself. 4 Stars only because of the parts that could have been left out....a few cuppa's to name a few.