Book Review of If I Had You (De Piaget, Bk 2)

If I Had You (De Piaget, Bk 2)
If I Had You (De Piaget, Bk 2)
Author: Lynn Kurland
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Anne of Fenwyck has loved her foster brother, Robin de Piaget, since they were children. Robin was smitten himself when he first laid eyes on her, and boys being boys, he put a frog down her dress to show his affection. When they were younger, the two of them had been as close as could be, but because of an act of humiliation Robin felt so profound, he kept himself and his heart away from Anne for fear that she would find him lacking. As soon as he could, he went off to war, determined to forget Anne, and prove himself.
Robin has grown up to become a most fierce and feared knight and has stayed away for five long years yet when he learns that Anne's father is husband-hunting he rushes home before it is too late. Proficient in war, but unskilled in wooing his surliness soon works to a distinct disadvantage as he tries to get on Anne's good side.

Knowing Robin's heart better than he knows himself, his brother Nicolas and his very strong-willed and domineering grandmother set out to bring a bit of chivalry to this fearsome knight! As if Robin didn't have enough on his plate trying to woo his lady, there is an evil plot afoot to take Anne from him before he ever makes her his.