Book Review of In The Enemy's Sights (Love Inspired, No 19)

In The Enemy's Sights (Love Inspired, No 19)
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Ken Vance has returned to Colorado Springs on medical leave, after the jet he was flying was shot down by a shoulder-fired missle. Ken is left with blurred vision, which bars him from flying. Quinn Montgomery, Ken's best friend has been plagued with vandalism at his construction business. He hires Ken as a security guard.

Julianna Red Feather had a crush on Ken in high school, but the Vances and the Red Feather's didn't belong to the same social set. Now they are adults, and those barriers are more easily crossed, but Ken only plans to be around until the U.S. air force will let him return to flying.

The Vance and Montgomery families have a deadly enemy. The vandalism incidents increase and Julianna and Angel, her search and rescue dog, are caught up in the violance. The enemy has set a trap he hopes will destroy them all. Can Ken and Julianna discover the truth in time?
This is a fast paced story about two people who find love in the midst of danger.