Book Review of Seal of Gaia

Seal of Gaia
Seal of Gaia
Author: Marlin Maddoux
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Book Type: Paperback
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The year is now 2033, and newsman Steve Weston is covering the installation of the new World leader. But the seemingly simple coverage of yet another political event spirals into a dangerous international frenzy. As Steve looks onto the scene of mass hysteria, he is unable to escape the feeling that he is witnessing a sinister lie, a deadly hoax.

When he discovers that the goals of the New Earth Federation include genocide, chemical/germ warfare, and a one-world religion, Steve must decide whether he will remain silent or denounce this global empire - and risk his life for what he believes to be the truth. But how long can he hold out before he is forced to receive the Seal of Gaia and become totally controlled by the powers of evil?

Written by a respected media personality, Seal of Gaia is a chilling story of an all-too-possible end times scenario filled with conspiracy, innocence, betrayal, and supernatural power.