Book Review of The Passage (Passage, Bk 1)

The Passage (Passage, Bk 1)
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Very disappointed. Thought this would be similar to Stephen King's The Stand, and the concept is, but the story telling is not. This book is around 750 pages and the story isn't finished, it's the first book of 3. Had I know that I would have never started it. The story starts out with a cast of characters that you become involved with, then 1/3 thru the book, it changes scenes, characters and story. Now you have to learn all about this other group. Then again another 1/3 of the way in, they bring back one of the characters from the beginning, and at this point, I just hoped they'd all die. Then of course, you get to the end... and there's no ending. Really frustrating to put in that much time and get nothing.