Book Review of The Probable Future

The Probable Future
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Helpful Score: 7

First of all, the current murder plays very little in the story. It really functions to being the whole family back together in Unity, the Sparrows hometown, which was fine with me, but if a reader were looking for a good conclusion to that side plot, it isnt here.

Each of the women has a gift or curse, depending on how you look at it. Stella, as we learn early, can see peoples deaths. She deals with it surprisingly well, actually, and she more than either of the other women, makes good use of her gift.

I loved this book. Jenny and Elinor have been estranged for years. Jenny has managed to drive a wedge between herself and Stella, despite how much she didnt want to.Through the book, though, all three of them grow, learn to see the world and each other in different ways. They also learn about love, both for family and for the men in their lives.

Also, this is a spring book, beginning in March and ending in May. It is full of new beginnings, finding true love, and some losses, too. I have to admit that I needed a few tissues toward the end, just a warning.