Book Review of Fatal Charm (Seer, Bk 5)

Fatal Charm (Seer, Bk 5)
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"Fatal Charm" is the fifth book in this series by Linda Joy Singleton. It begins by Sabine getting to return to the farm with Nona after staying with her family for awhile. She has missed the farm and is glad to return but she returns to find that Nonas memory is getting worse. While dealing with trying to find the last charm and also falling for a new boyfriend while still dating the current one, Sabine discovers that she has a half sister. How can a teenager deal with all of these issues at the same time. Well you need to read "Fatal Charm."

I will say that I enjoyed this book because it answered some of the questions I had been asking from reading the other books. My only problem with this one was that the ending was too abrupt. I think she concluded the story but it was truly lacking some of the charm that Singleton usually puts in her books. Do not let this keep you away from reading the book though, you will truly enjoy it and I cannot wait for the next one.