Book Review of The Second Season

The Second Season
The Second Season
Author: Heather Chapman
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Perfect Paperback
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** spoiler alert ** This book wasn't bad but it didn't stay with me, pretty easily forgotten. I'm not a fan, in books or movies, of flashbacks and those are used throughout to give you insight into Caroline's mom which was helpful but calling a page a chapter because it is a flashback seemed strange. I like that Phillip Hopkins was involved with his children and that he finally seemed to find his backbone by the end of the story.

The likelihood of both sisters falling for someone of the working class seemed a bit unlikely. I appreciated the back story for the duke to understand his actions more and I suppose in a way this story is one of wanting more than anything to be loved for who you are. Not how much money you have, or your job, or your title but what makes you the person you are. In that sense I can respect Caroline not taking the duke seriously, as another pet peeve in stories is how easily people fall for someone because they are of the right standing in society.

Yet I missed the guy pursues girl aspect of the story, just seemed really forward for the time period that Caroline would have such opportunity to pursue Thomas and essentially propose to him while he didn't do much to try to get her.